Phone Number: +39 02 2399 3493
Fax Number: +39 02 2399 3574
Building: 22 (via Golgi 42) Floor: 3 Room: 305
Research Area: Advanced Software Architectures and Methodologies

Research interests

I am in the DEEP-SE group, and my research interests are, mainly, in distributed software architectures.

In particular, I am studying event-based middlewares. In this area, I developed (in collaboration with Gian Pietro Picco) an event-based middleware called REDS (which stands for a REconfigurable Dispatching System), which was born as an extension to the previously developed middleware JEDI. By using REDS it is possible to easily implement a distributed application that adopts the event-based communication paradigm.

I am also interested in Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks, to study the best approaches to cope with complex monitoring scenarios, like those involving mobile nodes.

Finally, I am exploring Service Oriented Programming approaches, both to adapt them to the tiny world of WSAN, e.g., by developing the SLIM middleware, or to increase their usability, e.g., by developing DSOL (Declarative Service Orchestration Language) a language and run-time infrastructure to allow easy, dynamic, and fault tolerant service orchestrations.

My former interests where in the area of Process-centered Software Engineering Environments (PSEEs), logic and logical reasoning (particularly non monotonic one), and Object Oriented programming (particularly concurrent object-oriented languages).


Together with Alessandro I gave a tutorial at DEBS 2011 about "Processing Flows of Information", which spans the area from Data Stream Management Systems to Complex Event Processing Systems. You may access the slides we used from slideshare.

The tutorial above is based on a survey paper published in ACM Computing Surveys. You may get it, if interested, from my publication list page.